Admission’s Open House  -  JAN 10,2015  -  SAT beginning at 10 am CST  -  Please RSVP and get more info  -  MAJ Joe Watson 256-675-6264

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Lyman Ward Military Academy is a private military boarding academy providing the best in academics, leadership and athletics structured on a foundation of moral and ethical values that develops young men of integrity, competence and excellence who are prepared for the work of life.

The passion of Dr. Ward is still represented in this schools commitment today.  "I would invest my very last cent in such boys as these!"  Dr. Lyman Ward, 1928

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LWMA President's List

1st Quarter 2014-2015
Collins, Cameron C. Otto, Jonathan W.
Conley, Stephen A. Prosser, Zackary B.
Coyne, Christian T. Sheveland, Colter G.
Davenport, Christian M. Trippeer IV, Richard A.
Graham, Jacob W.  VanKirk, Colt D.
Mingo, Seven A. Wilson, Elijah
Mitzner, Matthew R. Winston III, Norman G.
Norrell, Rogan W. Young, Thomas P.


"The reason I believe people need LWMA is it guides you on a better path. Before, Lyman Ward I was hanging around low life's. Now the Academy has shown me a better path for my future. I plan to go into Navy ROTC at Auburn or Tuskegee University. It has shown me a better perspective, and changed my life for the better."

Trey Davis, Attended 2012 

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LWMA's Dean's List

1st Quarter 2014-2015
Ard, Travis Nori, Shawn M.
Baldeon, Elias Norrell, Heath M.
Brasington, Matthew Peralta, Luis R.
Burton III, Alberto R  Reese, Adarius
Cain, Matthew A. Shams, Maurice B.
Cooper, Henry B. Sharpe, Nevin A.
Fleming, Tyson Silva, Nicholas A.
Harlan, Benjamin P. Sonnenschein, Tyler K.
Heath, Calic Thornton, Taylor B.
Jones, Eric M. Weckwert, Christian A.
Mayard, Jade P. Weyl, Ryan P.
Meza Jr., Carlos I. Woods, Perry A.
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