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All new Lyman Ward cadets, are be required to undergo New Cadet Training (Scrubs). The Scrub program has been designed by senior cadet leadership in coordination with Tactical Officers and the Commandant of Cadets, and approved by the Academy President. New Cadet Training begins the afternoon that new cadets arrive on campus and ends with the ceremonial Scrub Graduation Ceremony.

Scrub Training is designed to quickly and efficiently teach new students how to be a cadet at Lyman Ward. The learn how to contribute to a team, how to wear their uniforms, how to drill, and how to follow the guidance of the leaders above them.

This is the important first step in developing an inner sense of self-discipline, and is based on the premise that in order to become a leader one must first be a follower.

Scrub ACU Drill

Scrubs In ACUs

Scrub Training 1

Mothers Day Scrub Graduation

Scrub Graduation And Promotions

Scrub Graduation 2

Spring Scrub Graduation Parade

Spring Scrub Graduation

Scrub Drill Practice

Scrub Rangers Rappelling

Scrub Icecream Party

Scrubs ACU

Spring Scrub Haircuts

Spring Scrub Matriculation

Scrub Graduation

Scrub Training Misc

Pat Kelly

Lieutenant Colonel (LWMA) Pat Kelly



  • B.S., Criminal Justice, Auburn University at Montgomery
  • M.S., Criminal Justice, Troy University
  • M.S., Counseling and Human Development, Troy University
  • JROTC Senior Army Instructor
  • LET III & IV Instructor
  • Mentor
  • At the Academy since: 2007